Josh Duggar was sentenced over a week ago and still awaits the decision on where he will end up spending his 12 1/2 year sentence, but it could very well be Texarkana.

The sentencing was handed down on May 25 in Judge Timothy L. Brooks' courtroom after Dugger was found guilty in his child porn case back in December of last year. Duggar's defense team has filed for an appeal within the allotted time to make that filing.

If it goes back to court the case would end up in front of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The prison sentence was recommended to be carried out either at the Federal Correction Institution in Seagoville, Texas or in Texarkana at the FCI here. If the decision has indeed been made it has not yet been released.

Duggar, Party of 19

Josh Duggar's family was made famous during their seven-season TV show run on TLC and the Discovery channels titled "19 and Counting" which took place in their hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas, which is near Springdale.

The eldest Duggar child, Josh, was accused of molesting young girls including four of his own sisters, all of the incidents would have happened before their TV series. The show was officially dropped by TLC in July of 2016 as part of the response to those accusations. In April of 2021, Josh was arrested and accused of child porn possession.

Will Josh Duggar spend the next 12 1/2 years behind bars in Texarkana for his crimes? We shall see.

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