The Battleship Texas is in her drydock in Galveston, Texas, the old girl is getting some new skin in some places, facelifts in others, paint, repairs, and much more. She is going to look amazing when all is said and done, and you can help. 

August 31, 2022, Battleship Texas left her moorings at the San Jacinto Battleground for the last time as she began her journey down the ship channel and out to drydock in Galveston for repairs. Sadly, she will not return to the San Jacinto Battleground when all is done.

These videos of Texas underway are long, feel free to watch the whole thing if you wish or you can skip through them a little as I did. It's fascinating to see all the ships that accompanied Texas on her journey to drydock and all the love she got along the way.

The video below is fascinating, it's an 8-minute or so time-lapse of the lifting of the Texas out of the water into this drydock after she was positioned in her proper place.

Below is a video walk-a-round hosted by Travis Davis, Travis is the Vice President of Ship Operations for the Battleship Texas Foundation. In this video, he takes us on a tour of the Texas' hull fresh out of the water.

Follow the Battleship Texas Foundation on Facebook for the latest updates, they seem to make it there before they get on their YouTube channel. Below is a short video posted on FB from a different perspective, just outside the ship looking down in drydock.

Love this last one! They call it the "Fire and Ice" video. It was another posted to the FB Page showing cutting torches at work with water pouring out of Texas at the same time. Very cool.

Do You Want To Help?

This is one BIG project, but, as I'm sure you will agree, one that is well worth it. However, it does take a tremendous amount of money to refurbish this amazing ship. There are several options you can purchase, or if you choose, you can donate any amount of money you wish toward this restoration project. Click here to donate now, and thank you.

For more information about Battleship Texas, log on to her website at, and be sure you follow them on Facebook.

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