The company is trying to spice up your love life and taste buds at the same time!

Condoms are known to come in various flavors to try and entice sex partners to have safe fun. There are the usual flavors, like banana, strawberry, grape and other various fruit flavors but one company wants to give you a spicy variety. Karex, a Malaysian condom company who claim to be the world's biggest condoms maker, have introduced a chili flavored condom. The flavor is technically inspired a Malaysian comfort food called nasi lemak. Nasi lemak is a chili-infused rice dish that has coconut milk, peanuts, egg, cucumbers, anchovies and fiery chili sauce. The dish used to be a cheap breakfast food found at street vendors, but now even fancy restaurants carry their own versions.

 The company worked on the new condom flavor for six months and will release the condom as a limited-edition flavor. The condom is said to have a faint smell of coconut and even has a warming lubricant on it, to add an even "spicier" element. The condom will be available under the brand names ONE condoms and will be available in the winter.

 Find out more details at the brand's website.

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