Here are some of the things we've learned about the Matt Lauer scandal in the past 24 hours.

    Some of the allegations include:

  •            That he gave a sex toy as a gift to a woman that he worked with.
  •            That he exposed himself to another woman and then reprimanded her when she refused his advances.
  •             That he would ask female producers to play "Eff, Marry, Kill".  (Full disclosure on this one: we've played Eff, Marry, Kill with our female co-workers. But we did it on the air, not off. )
  •        There's the report that he had a secret button under his desk that he could press to lock the door to his office. How does the conversation go to even have something like that installed??

          MATT: "Hey, I'd like a button under my desk like Mr. Burns but instead of a trap door I want it to lock my door so my victims can't escape."

          NBC:  "Consider it done!"    

  •          Also, some of the allegations come from 2014 when Matt was in Russia covering the Winter Olympics.

         And this brings us to Conan O'Brien and his possible clairvoyance. Conan was doing a segment called "Creepy Matt Lauer" 3 and a half years ago! The clip Conan used comes at 1:29 of the clip below, but you can watch the whole clip for Matt Lauer creepiness.


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