Pablo Francisco is a great veteran comic who has appeared on the Buzz Adams Morning Show multiple times over the past 20-some-odd years. We consider Pablo a friend. Which makes this video even more concerning.

In this video, Pablo was performing at the Punchline comedy club in Sacramento. At some point he falls off the stage. When he gets back up he's in some kind of weird loop. He keeps doing call-backs to some of his earlier jokes. Then he repeats the call-back. Then, he repeats again. At this point it's like he's mentally stuck in the mud. His friend and opening act Steve Kramer is trying to get him to leave the stage. He refuses. They start playing some walk-off music. He's not budging. They eventually bring up the house lights. He's not going anywhere.

It's painful to watch.

Finally, Pablo is coaxed off stage. A short time later he was loaded into an ambulance outside the comedy club in a stretcher.

Pablo Francisco is scheduled to perform in El Paso at The Comic Strip September 14-16th. It's unknown if he'll be able to make that date but if he is, we'll have him in the studio and ask him about this frightening incident. The Sacramento Bee has a quote from his publicist:

Debbie Keller, Francisco’s publicist, said by phone Tuesday that she did not have an update “for how (Francisco is) doing at this moment. But I can tell you that he’s refocusing his efforts on his personal life and getting the help he needs.”

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