The set-up to this video is that a guy was walking his dog when a bobcat attacked them. A Good Samaritan gets out of his car to help get the bobcat off the dog. Then another guy leaps bravely into action and starts to film everything on his phone, so I guess that makes him a so-so Samaritan? I guess not everybody can be the hero. Someone has to be the guy who records the hero and then uploads it to YouTube. That's fine. But if you're role in any crisis is to be the unofficial videographer can't you at the very least remember to turn your phone sideways. Here's a simple rhyme to help you remember: "If you want lots of views, horizontal you should choose".

By the way, according to the video's description, the bobcat was found by animal control and it DID turn out to have rabies. Which means that poor dog will have to go through a long protocol of painful injections to the stomach. Oh, will the guy who got out to help, I guess.


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