Getting a tattoo when you are young and stupid never turns out good, especially for this guy.

According to Daily Mail, 21-year-old Lewis Flint of Yorkshire, England thought it would be hilarious to get a cartoon of a popular British vacuum cleaner called "Henry the Hoover" tattooed on his crotch when he was 16.  The hose attachment is, of course, his penis.

For a while it was going good for him, "I got loads of attention and I was a bit of a local hero."  But now that he is a few years older, he's realizing it might be a problem.  He recently had a woman refuse to have sex with him once she saw it.

He tried to have it lasered off, but he found out that it was too painful, and especially in the crotch and genital area.

So now he is realizing that he might be stuck with it forever and that it could be devastating to his sex life.

You can see the pics of his tattoo here. (Pics are safe for work by the way.)


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