Remember The Simpsons episode when they find out that Homer stuffed a crayon up his nose when he was a kid? He learns from the doctors that removing the crayon:

It could vastly increase your brain power. Or it could possibly kill you.

Video courtesy of letsbepandas.

Well, there's a 47 year old man who went through something similar. But rather than it being a crayon creating substandard intelligence, it was a toy traffic cone, causing doctors to diagnose the man with cancer.

A couple years ago, the unidentified man went to the doctor with a cough. They did a chest scan on him and they found a lump, or growth in his lung. Since the man is a smoker, the doctors came to the consensus that it was lung cancer.

They ended up scheduling a bronchoscopy, which lead to an amazing discovery. It was a cancerous lump after all. It was a toy traffic cone. The man remembered getting a play set when he was seven that contained similar cones and believes he must have inhaled one of the cones around that time because he frequently would swallow the toys.

After the removal of the toy the man started feeling drastically better and his cough went away.

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