There's been a few times in my life I've witnessed someone get "scammed" out of some money playing 3 Card Monte on street. And I put scammed in quotes because in all honesty, who plays the game thinking they actually have a shot. The guy flipping the cards is a professional, and you are basically watching a magic trick. So if it makes you feel better, think of it as donating your money to a street performer, because you certainly aren't gambling. Gambling would imply that you even had a chance when you stepped up to the table.

But if you've ever wondered how the trick is done, just take a look at this video below. It may seem long, but it does a really good job of showing you first, the trick in real time. Then it show you how the trick is done. Of course, if you think you can watch this video and become an instant success at dealing 3 Card Monte, you deserve to have your money taken. (Video courtesy of Tom Matriq)

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