While it can get cold in East Texas, it doesn't last long. In between those cold snaps, we can enjoy a day or two of sunshine and a nice bowl or cone of ice cream. For Blue Bell, every year they are able to bring us a frozen favorite flavor that works perfectly with our holiday meals. For this year, two holiday favorites are returning to our grocer's freezer, Eggnog and Peppermint Bark.

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Returning Flavor Tease

Blue Bell was on their Facebook page yesterday, Wednesday, October 5, to tease the return of a holiday favorite flavor. In that tease, they showed off a way to celebrate that return with a hot cup of coffee.

Those coffee mugs are available right now in the Blue Bell store. Many people don't know that Blue Bell has an online store. Check it out when you get a chance because you might find a gift or two for yourself or for the Blue Bell fan in your life.

Returning Holiday Favorites

As for the returning flavors, first up is Peppermint Bark. Its been a bit since we've seen this flavor. In case you forgot, the ice cream is a mixture of mint ice cream and dark chocolate chunks with peppermint bark pieces mixed in.

Peppermint Bark - Blue Bell
Peppermint Bark - Blue Bell

The other returning flavor is Eggnog. Blue Bell introduced this one last year and quickly became a favorite of many. This is eggnog flavored French ice cream with nutmeg and a whipped topping swirl.

Eggnog - Blue Bell
Eggnog - Blue Bell

Its available right now wherever your favorite place is to get Blue Bell.

Enjoy My Blue Bell While Waiting for Spring

I'm not the biggest fan of winter or really temperatures dropping below 50 degrees in general. Now's the time of year for me to hunker down for the next 5 months or so and wait for the return of 85 and above all day. I'll enjoy a bowl or a cone of Blue Bell while I'm waiting.

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