Its hot. That's why a nice bowl of ice cream is always in order to help cool us down. The thing about that heat is that ice cream won't last very long before it turns into an ice cream soup. Well, to no one's surprise, Blue Bell is here to help. They have a line of pint size koozies to help keep that ice cream in a solid state just a little bit longer.

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Oh yes. Blue Bell does sell products outside of their frozen treats. Its fun when you run across one of your favorite products offering something outside of what you would normally buy from them. I for one enjoy a good koozie to keep my canned beverages colder just a little bit longer in this Texas heat. But what if I told you there are koozies for your pint sized ice creams?


Yup. Blue Bell has five "flavors" of koozies for your pint size ice creams, Homemade Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Cookie Two Step, Mint Chocolate Chip and Strawberry.

Pretty cool. Of course, these koozies won't keep your Blue Bell pint in a solid state forever but I would think they would certainly help. The cuteness factor of these koozies alone would be enough for a fan to pick one of these up. I may have to order one of these and see how it works on their Strawberry Lemonade pints.

Its fun to peruse the Blue Bell Country Store. Give the store a peek and see what else you could get for the Blue Bell fan in your life.

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