This is where we are folks. And yes, the news has some blame in this by feeling the need to jump on news stories without all the facts. But here we are. Social media and using what's out there to fit your rhetoric.

If you share a meme that sums up your thoughts on a complex subject, that's not showing how simple the issue is, but how simple minded you are. And I've seen the meme of Anderson Cooper standing waist high in water "lying about Hurricane Florence", over and over again. Well, it's NOT Hurricane Florence, and he wasn't lying about the depth of the water.

Just watch the video above as Anderson Cooper sets the record straight with what was happening. But chances are if you've already been sharing the meme that claims he was lying about Hurricane Florence, this is lost on you anyway because you don't want to find the truth, you want to find information that backs up whatever your claim is. Whether or not you're sharing facts is more suspect than Anderson Cooper's reporting.



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