Knowing there is an individual in the area who may be trolling the town looking to snatch up one of our kids makes me nervous, but it also makes me want to be proactive. There are plenty of apps and GPS systems you can put on your childs phone, if he or she has one, which you should look in to downloading if you're comfortable with that sort of thing, and that's great. However, if a child (or anyone for that matter) is taken against their will, a phone is the first thing the abductor will likely take and dispose of. Here is a list of some other ways to keep your kids safe.

Pull-pin alarms-A tiny independent device (keychain) that can be carried, kept in a bag or hung on a belt or backpack. In case of emergency, pull the pin to set off the 130db siren alarm that can be heard up to 1000 feet.

Tile Mate-A device that can be used to find keys, your phone, a bike or better yet, your child. It connects to a special free app that you install on your phone. After it's installed you can press the "dial" button in the app and hear your location or track another important object with GPS.

Spy Tec-These kind of tracking devices are great but they are to stow inside a backpack and you must keep in mind that backpacks can be separated from a child quickly and easily.

My Buddy Tag-This is one of my faves. It's a child silicone wristband that has a built-in sensor that will signal if the device is underwater. It also has a panic button that can be used for communication in case of emergency. It used bluetooth to connect with a smartphone with a special free app. You can track when your child leaves the bluetooth range. It can also be worn without the band so it can be put in a pocket.

There are many, many gps type child safety products out there, these are just some of my picks so be sure to do some research to find what's best for you and your family.

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