Happy Birthday to the Lone Star state's very own hero Richard Overton! The man has been making headlines for years and today it's for his birthday. Richard Overton has lived a long and eventful life. He is the oldest living World War II veteran, had the street he lives on named after him and was even invited to the White House by former president Barack Obama. Last year, the entire state rallied around him to raise money after his family worried he would have to move out his home. He's lived on the same street in the same house for seven decades and after news broke that he needed financial assistance to stay in his home, a GoFundMe page raised $236,000 for his care. The man truly is an American hero and a Texas legend who is adored by the community.

Today is his 112 birthday and all we can hope is that he is sitting at home, enjoying his 12 Tampa Sweet cigars a day and whiskey that he attributes to his longevity. Cheers Richard! Learn more about Richard Overton in the short film made by Austin filmmakers Rock Conly and Matt Cooper in 2015.

Obama Participates In Observance Of Veterans Day At Arlington Nat'l Cemetery
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