The remains of 8 military veterans were laid to rest in San Antonio, after being stored in the basement of a county courthouse for years. After spending years in the basement of a courthouse, the remains of 8 veterans were finally put to rest. No family or friends came to claim the remains of the 8 men and their remains stayed there, some for over a decade. Aviation Electronic Tech 2nd Class Petty Officer Coy Washington Black was 67 years-old when he passed away and his remains had been in the basement for the longest- 15 years. The other men ranged in age from as young as 58 years-old to 85 years-old.

The burials were given by the Missing in America Project, which has given final honors to over 3,500 servicemen and women around the country. In Texas, the remains of 60 veterans have been given final honors by the group. According to the San Antonio Express-News, there are still hundreds of deceased veterans that are still in the process of being verified. The group has been working since 2007 to help identify and inter the cremains of American veterans. Joyce Earnest is the Texas coordinator,

"These veterans that we’re locating served our country honorably, and they deserve to be treated honorably in their deaths."

The remains of the 8 men were escorted 500 miles from Potter County courthouse in Amarillo to the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio. There were also more than 100 Patriot Guard Riders to escort the remains to their resting place.

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