There was a recent poll done that listed American's top 10 fears. Here's the list, and whether or not I share that fear with Americans.

  1. Snakes - 51% - No, I'm not afraid of snakes, but I am terrified of potential toilet snakes.
  2. Heights - 38% - No, I'm actually thinking about going skydiving soon.
  3. The dentist - 23% - No, I've been lucky enough to have some really good dentists in my life.
  4. Confined spaces (AKA claustrophobia) - 21% - YES, and I have this bad. I had to get an MRI done last year for my shoulder and even doped up on Valium, I still couldn't do it. Had to take some more.
  5. Needles - 21% - No, I have tattoos, c'mon.
  6. Clowns - 18% - No, I don't understand this fear.
  7. Public Speaking - 17% - No, it used to make me nervous, but you do it long enough and it goes away.
  8. The dark - 15% - No, but I used to be terrified of the dark, but not anymore.
  9. Flying - 14% - No, I love flying.
  10. Bird - 5% - No, I think birds are great, but they can be freaky when they come at ya.

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