Are Amazon workers planning a strike for one of it's busiest shopping days of the year?  Some of the employees at the Amazon fulfillment center in Shakopee, Minnesota might be.  According to a new report from Bloomberg, they plan to strike for six hours on July 15th, the first day of Amazon's annual Prime Day. This is suppose to be one of their busiest shopping days of the year? Really? I've had Amazon Prime for like seven years and I never buy anything on Prime day.  The deals aren't that good.  The employee's strike is based on an effort to talk about what it takes to make everything happen and put pressure on the company to protect it's employees better and provide safe, reliable jobs.  I think it's a pretty good time to do it too, considering Amazon claims to be able to get you certain purchases within a day.  The company had been under some scrutiny for the working conditions at it's warehouses and have been the subject of many a disparaging meme as well. You can read the full article here.  I'm just curious now if that strike is going to have any effect on us here in Texas so I'm going to make it a point to buy something that says it's one day delivery and we shall see.

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