This weekend I experienced the most unprofessional person I've ever encountered. I made an appointment to get my hair cut at a local barber shop. I've never really made appointments for a haircut before but it's so busy on Saturday's and I didn't feel like waiting too long. I made the appointment via Booksy App and also texted the lady herself because she had given me a card. She confirmed the appointment both in the app and via text for 11am. No big deal right? Wrong.

I arrived 10 minutes early and patiently waited....for 40 more minutes. I text her, informing her I was there and a young lady walked up and told her I was waiting. As soon as it hit 30 minutes after the agreed upon time, I left. An hour passed and she hadn't text me to apologize or anything. It was at that time the app asked me to rate my I did. Less than 5 minutes after leaving a poor review, amazingly, she text me...Not to apologize but to tell me it was my responsibility to inform her I was there. She also went on and on about how she didn't appreciate me spreading lies about her and I hadn't waited 30 minutes. When I offered to prove it, she declined and changed the subject. She then informed me that my review didn't matter because she was going to delete it. When she realized she couldn't she just got a bunch of her friends to write short, fake, 5 star reviews to counter it. I then informed her that if she was going to be dishonest that I was just going to share the unprofessional conversation on facebook. She dared me to, so I did. After realizing how big of an impact it had, she then reported the post as hate speech and got my account suspended for 30 days....Luckily I have a back up lol. This lady is a crazy person and I don't want to slander the shop she works for because the shop itself has a lot of very talented barbers. However, if one of my friends were to message me, I could definitely tell them WHO not to go to and screen shots of the entire conversation. Again, this in no way reflects the business itself.

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