Well, we're six games into the season. I think that's a good indication of how the season is going to go. How's your team doing so far? Texas just got a HUGE boost in the ranks with their W over Oklahoma. Texas isn't my team but when it came to the Red River Showdown, I was definitely pulling for them. I mean, what was I gonna do? Go for Oklahoma? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! No.

My team is doing very well this year. 6-0 so far. I'm hoping the Irish will get shot to correct what happened in 2013 when we had a perfect season and got destroyed by Alabama in the Championship. If there's one team I truly can't stand, it's the Crimson Tide....even before 2013. Unfortunately, they're a really tough team. If we do end up facing them we might get torn up like we did before, and I just don't know if my blue and gold heart can take that. However, with switching to Ian Book as our 1st string QB, things seem to be going well. We already had a 1st rate defense but now we have the offense that can put points up and not make our defense work for nothing. Roll tide roll on outta here lol. GO IRISH!

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