So I've been addicted to tiktok for the last few weeks. I don't give a ding dang dong what anyone else thinks about the app, I'm enjoying watching videos and occasionally making some. I follow pretty much anyone that makes even one video that I like and I like ALOT of videos. The other night I came across a video by one of my favorite actors, Jason Momoa. So as I do with any other video I like I gave it a heart and I posted a comment. I do that for almost every user on that app. I'm going through the app yet again not long after I started following his page and I see that he sent me a heart and responded to my comments and then I about did a back flip when I saw that he was following me back!!!!!! Look, I'm more than aware that this probably isn't even really his real account and if it is there's a good chance there's an intern managing all his social media accounts but either way it felt pretty cool. As cool as it is to have someone like that following my account and watching my videos, you wanna know who it would be cooler to have doing guys.

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