The Abilene Christian University in Texas has advice to their students regarding a brand, new Hooters opening up in town- don't work there.

A new Hooters location in Abilene, Texas has been getting some major criticism for coming to the city and even a university in town is discouraging students from applying at the restaurant. Hooters have been around since the early 1980s and the restaurant chain is known for a laid back atmosphere and delicious American food like burgers, ribs, wings and more. Oh, and the waitresses in their scantily clad outfits of orange short shorts and skintight, low-cut white tank tops. The university believes the restaurant doesn't uphold the religious virtues of the school and they don't want their students working there.

The university sent out a written notice to students asking them to "consider both what Hooters represents and whether that is something they really want to support in terms of both their faith and the value this business model places on women.”

KTXS asked the school if they would suspend students for still working at the establishment, and they simply replied it would be handled on a "case-by-case" basis. I wonder if the restaurant will get picketed in the future.

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