I've already listened to this podcast and was really hoping that a documentary would come out so I'm pretty stoked! This one isn't exactly like most of the documentaries I really get into but that just goes to show the power the story has to suck ya right in. I figure there are gonna be some folks working from home like me for a week or so and having a binge worthy watch list might really help. Now that's not what this is....this is just the info on one documentary but never fear I'm gonna spend the day finding you guys some real gems and I'll post that list as soon as I'm done. This one is called 'Tiger King:Murder, Mayhem and Madness', and from what I heard on the podcast it's flippn nuts y'all! It's for sure one of Netflix's weirdest true crime series yet. It follows a character named Joe Exotic for five years who happens to be a gun packing, meth-head, polygamist, self-described animal rights activist (particularly big cats), who put a hit on his rival...alot and on film ngaf. The show is set to air March 20th on Netflix. Originally there was a plan to create some kind of TV show akin to perhaps the real King of wild life, Steve Irwin's show. For the record I am a HUGE Steve Irwin fan and Joe Exotic is NOTHING like Steve Irwin. The footage from what was hoped to be an Animal Planet future favorite can be found on YouTube on Joe Exotic TV.

It's pretty good and gets real crazy real quick, like me! So I recommend it for anyone working from home this week.

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