Looks like I'm buying some Tile Mates cause I'll be damned if I lose something in my own house again! It's actually pretty funny considering Doc totally blamed our youngest for the disappearance (he's since apologized).  Remember when I posted about the lost Switch last week? Well, while I was doing some cleaning slash tearing up the house looking for something else, I found it. When the boys don't put things up where they belong, like the Switch, guitars, various toys, he will take them away for like a week or a day, whatever, and put them on top of the fridge...usually.  About 4 weeks or so ago he found the Switch on the couch or something so he told Boogie (the youngest) he couldn't play it for a week. I never saw what he did with it but I do remember that it happening I just thought he gave it back after the week. Turns out he didn't and he didnt even remember putting it where I found it which was on top of the china cabinet...where Christmas decorations go to die. I NEVER dust on top of that thing, like ever, but I was on a mission to find something else altogether and there it was, thin layer of dust atop and everything. It's crazy the stuff you find when you clean house. As for the other item that's missing it's since been reported stolen considering the nature of the item and the last known location.  Best of all I can add this to the list of times that Doc actually admitted out loud that he was wrong.

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