Have you sent unsolicited peen photos to someone? You may want to pay attention to this story if you answered yes to that question. It seems like everyone has a cell phone and everyone is on social media, which means lots of interaction between people on various platforms. Whether you know them or not. One of the problems with that is those awkward, unknown people who contact you and try to shoot their shot, no matter what. What makes matters worse, is many women are the victims of receiving unsolicited d*ck pics from various men. Could be someone you know, could be some random person you met once, or could be someone in a random foreign country who is just creeping you out. But brae yourself- because here come the d*ck pics. Lucky for those who aren't interested in receiving them, Texas lawmakers are ready to make those pictures a crime.

A bill will be put on the desk of Texas Governor Greg Abbott tomorrow that will make it a crime to electronically send unsolicited, sexual photos, aka those 'D' pics) a class C misdemeanor, according to KSAT. House Bill 2789 will be added to the Texas Penal Code and take effect on September 1st, as long as the Governor doesn't veto it. So men, better put that pecker away before you get in trouble.

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