The X-Men is one of the most popular comics, not just for Marvel, but in all of comics. It wasn't always that way though. And let's just say the movie franchises don't always go the best.

For the most part, each part of the franchise starts out strong, but proceeds to get worse with each installment. But, some bad movies aren't going to ruin a franchise like the X-Men.

Building up to Dark Phoenix Marvel started releasing The History of the X-Men on YouTube. Each segment is about 10 minutes long, going over one section of the X-Men history. Below, you can find all the videos laid out for you so you can recapture that love of the X-Men, just in case Dark Phoenix almost destroyed that. Although, according to Buzz, Dark Phoenix wasn't that bad. I wouldn't know because I'm not willing to fork over the money to see it in the theater. I'll wait.

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