High-end retailer Nordstrom is offering a rock for sale. For $85. EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLARS.

It's a rock. Oh, and it comes with a leather pouch.

Nordstrom describes it as "Medium Leather Wrapped Stone." Yes, it's a three-rock in a leather sleeve. And it costs $85.

If you check out the picture (below) you will see that it is a completely unremarkable rock. It's dull brown and gray and lacking in any features that would distinguish it from the, literally, billions of other rocks laying around that are free. In fact, it kind of looks like a potato. A potato...in a leather pouch.

I'm the type of person who believes it's the height of gullibility that people pay upwards of $3 for water, a substance which you can get for free from any faucet in your home.

What is the purpose of the $85 rock? Nordstrom doesn't even pretend to know.

A paperweight? A conversation piece? A work of art? It's up to you, but this smooth Los Angeles-area stone—wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned American leather secured by sturdy contrast backstitching—is sure to draw attention wherever it rests. A traditional hardening process gives the leather a beautiful ombré effect. Like all Made Solid leather pieces, this one is cut, shaped, sewn and finished by hand in artist Peter Maxwell's Los Angeles studio

The description also notes that artist Peter Maxwell "aims to create beautiful designs that embody both simplicity and functionality". Well, I suppose it doesn't get more simple than "a rock". As far as functionality, I'm sure if you purchased an $85 rock it would serve as a great reminder of "what you are dumber than" every time you looked at it.