I was talking to a co worker today about the fact that there are no real familytraditions like there once was, do people go to grandmas for Sunday dinner anymore, how many of us plan a family reunion?

All of these things were done for years in my family until those of the older generation began to pass on, know the only time most of us get together is when a loved one passes on.

I think we need to bring back the old traditions, sure there are times that we may not feel like getting together or it may be easy to just reach out to someone through social media but we miss so much but not connecting with those in our lives on that personal level.

So during this holiday season leave the phone down and quit texting those you love and take the time to go visit and actually talk with one another, maybe be the one to suggest that the family get together if not once a week but once a month.

Take the time to start your own family traditions of togetherness you will be glad for the memories you create.