The Dallas Cowboys squeaked out a win against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 2 of the NFL season. With quarterback Dak Prescott out with a thumb injury, Cooper Rush stepped in to lead the Cowboys to the win. But, the victory already has many Cowboys fans wondering if Cooper Rush is better than Dak Prescott. So, who is better?

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I know. Not only is it way too soon to really have this conversation, but the answer statistically is definitely Dak Prescott. In fact, I have him listed as one of the best 5 quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboys history. Again statistically.

Hey, I'm not the only one wondering. Check out what others are saying on Twitter.

Statistically, Cooper Rush did enjoy quite a bit of success, at least early in the game when the Cowboys' first drive of the game resulted in a touchdown. Eventually, the Cowboys would lead at halftime 17-3 under Rush's leadership. He would end the game by completing 19 of 31 for 235 yards and a touchdown. Not bad...statiscially.

I've said this for several years now. I like Dak. I really do. But he is not the most accurate quarterback out there.

In the Cowboys' first game against the Bucs, Dak's accuracy really hurt several opportunities for Dallas to move the ball down the field. He was over-throwing receivers, he was under-throwing receivers, and I don't know if it's because of his ankle injury or what, but he is not taking off to run when he has a chance.

Cooper Rush, who I might add is actually undefeated as a Dallas Cowboy, ( I know that's a stretch) was on the money most of the game. He was hitting receivers in stride, making good decisions, and had a good command of the team and the game. The dude showed a lot of poise as well.

Honestly, if it were not for poor play calling and coaching decisions, I think Rush would have had a heck of a day, as well as the whole team. Just my opinion.

Statistically, there is no doubt that Dak is better. Heck, he's been playing longer. But is he really the better quarterback over Cooper Rush? I guess time will tell.

Wouldn't that be messed up if Cooper does so well that when Dak comes back it becomes a whole "Tony Romo" thing?

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