A Texas couple is pleading for the return of several stolen plants that contain the remains of multiple miscarriages.

McKinney Texas neighbors are rallying behind a couple new to the area who are under great distress after realizing that several plants they had on the porch have been stolen. The couple is now pleading for the return of the stolen plants they had outside on their front porch. Even though the plants themselves have very little value, the plants are priceless to them as the soil in each of the stolen plants contained remains from several of the couples' miscarriages, something the couple did not even think would ever become a topic of public conversation, especially in their new neighborhood.

It's been two weeks since the plants; an Elephant Ear, Ficus Tineke, and Fig Tree were stolen but the couple, Aaron and Brianna Pearson, continue to have hope that the plants and therefore the ashes might return. In their front yard now a handmade sign reads, "FYI, to whoever stole the plants off of my porch... You also stole my miscarried babies buried in them."

The couple shared that they felt burying the remains in plants that they could keep close to them seemed like a very peaceful way to remember each of the pregnancies without thinking the plants would ever be stolen.

Brianna offered to NBC News that the thief couldn't have known the importance of the plants when they were stolen, but they hope whoever took them will have the heart to return them when they do. “Just leave them on the porch exactly as you took it,” Brianna pleads.

The Pearsons continue to hold out hope and neighbors continue to keep an eye out for the stolen plants as well.

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