I remember talking on the phone to someone as I walked around the mall 6 years ago about how tragic of a thing it would be for your child to be missing.  My son was maybe one at the time, just a baby still, which is why it really hit me hard when I saw on the news that a young girl went missing not far from my town.


Hailey Dunn went missing on December 27th 2010, her remains were found about three years later, on March 16th 2013 and just last week were finally released to her family on January 23rd so that the girl so many searched for tirelessly for long could finally be laid to rest.


The investigation is still open but there are no leads at this time.


I can’t even comprehend how in this modern age of technology and DNA and microscopic fiber matching (even though I’ve read that fiber matching is no longer admissible in court) that there are absolutely no leads.


How did this little girl simply vanish with not one witness, not one clue, not one drop of blood or even just a nosey neighbor making assumptions?


She was found at Lake LBJ…ok what was the cause of death? I think I recall reading something that said they knew she was probably killed shortly after she was taken but how long were her remains at Lake LBJ?


Was she killed somewhere and then moved after all the heat from the press and media died down?  Why was her mother allowed to move away before she was even found?


Tragedies like this make no sense and most of the time they never will.


I just hope that whoever did this is eventually brought to justice and made to answer and pay for what he/she has done.



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