Dear Journal,

I think that Kathleen should have talked to someone about her problems. She was just making her problems grow at keeping them in. Rick helped because he also had problems with his dad so that probably made Kathleen think about it more because Rick had solved his problem after talking to someone. Max thinks that Rick is cool because nobody calls him a nerd and has lots of friends. Yick and Arthur pick on them because there is nobody for them to pick on. I think that Max and Scooter should ignore Yick and Arthur. When Yick and Arthur pick on them, they should ask them why don't they pick on someone else. I think that Kathleen was afraid that when people know her mom was an alcoholic, they might think that that will be how she is going to end up. She should have admitted to Caitlin that her mom had a problem. If you're a parent, you shouldn't get involved in alcohol, drugs, or anything that might hurt your child.

The interesting this about this entry is:

  1. I don't have a clue what I'm talking about in regards to all these fictional kids.
  2. This leads into something that becomes very prevalent later on. Completely abstaining from drugs and alcohol. **SPOILER ALERT** My uncles passes away during this year from alcohol. I'll get more into that later. But my solution is to avoid it all together. Oh how we change throughout our life.

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