1. Gaslight-If you've ever wondered where the term "gaslighting" came from...it's this movie! It's basically about a woman whose awful husband manipulates her into thinking she's going insane....I suppose some of us don't even need to watch this movie, we've been there!

2. Vertigo-It's about a dude who has vertigo, but it's from the mind of Alfred Hitchcock so I promise it's everything you'll want in a movie about vertigo.

3. Momento- This movie follows a guy with short-term memory loss, which in and of itself isn't all that bad, aside from the fact that he's trying to figure out who murdered his wife.

4. Rebecca- Once again, Alfred Hitchcock delivers everything we want and need in a psychological thrill.  It's about how a dudes first wife haunts the new wife...you can see where I'm going with this.

5. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?- Bette Davis's most famous movie, according to some.  An unhinged child actress who pretty much holds her wheelbound baby sister hostage in an old Hollywood mansion....yeah I'll be watching this one tonight.

6. Black Swan- Doc keeps telling me to watch this and I suppose I'll have to now. Natalie Portman dressed up as a swan in a tutu..ok fine... She's a ballet dancer who loses her grip on reality and apparently there's a huge twist and some other gross habits...

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