Families and friends will be gathering soon for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so here are 10 Texas-themed drinks you can serve at Thanksgiving or your Christmas party.

Urban Matter made a list and here it goes:

  1. The Texas Buck - This mixes whiskey, honey syrup or lemon juice, and ginger beer. This is a nice sweet drink that is not too sweet and has a nice visually orange color.
  2. The Southern Sour - This drink mixes Southern Comfort, Texan Whiskey, and orange juice. Mostly made for summer but still works well for the holidays as well.
  3. Ranch Water - This is a popular one here in Texas but most people not from here won't know anything about it. It mixes Topo Chico, tequila, and lime juice and is perfect for family gatherings and parties with friends.
  4. Tipsy Texas Tea - This is a nice twist on sweet tea which is very popular for us Texans. Just get you a glass of sweet tea and add a generous helping of tequila and lime juice to taste.
  5. Tito's Hill Country Sunrise - This is a nice fruity drink made with Austin-based Tito's Vodka with orange juice and cranberry juice to make the perfect sunrise in a glass.
  6. Texas Hurricane - A great mix of coconut run, regular rum, vodka, gin, triple sec, grenadine, pineapple juice, and orange juice. Named because it is subtle yet overpowering at the same time.
  7. Tito's Texas Slipper - Again made with Tito's Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, club soda, and grapefruit juice. This drink is refreshing and pleasing to the eye also.
  8. The Texas Gentleman - This has blended Texan whiskey, Caffe Del Fuego, Fee Brothers Aztec chocolate bitters, and an orange peel to top it all off. This drink is smooth, silky, and welcoming.
  9. Texas Tornado - This drink features pineapple juice, Sprite, and tequila. That makes for a refreshing drink perfect for summer and the holidays too.
  10. The Paloma - Considered by most to be the "National Cocktail of Texas," this drink features tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, simple syrup, and club soda. Very popular with Texans and those who are not from Texas as well.

These ten drinks will definitely be a hit at your family gathering or Christmas Party this year.


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