We've all experienced it. Doesn't matter which carrier you have, doesn't matter the model of the Android or iPhone you have. For some reason--and maybe it's the constant wind here, who knows--cellular service can be touch and go. I know it also matters where you are in the Basin as well--because we live in one of the subdivisions off Big Spring St and Mockingbird in Midland--and we have T-Mobile for a provider. The signal coverage at the house is marginal. If it weren't for the Wifi connection, we'd be lost on our phones at home. But it was that way when we moved here too with Verizon phones. So it's most likely location and cell towers not being close...

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But what's annoying--other than calls cutting out--is that once in a while someone sends me a text message that I don't get until a day later. Meanwhile, the person who sent it thinks I'm either A) ignoring them, B) mad at them, C) don't care what they have to say, C) don't have time for them or value them, or D) all of the above. And heaven forbid it's an important work text. Have you had this happen to you? Have you had someone text you, only to see them the next day and they ask you in person "Did you get my text?" and you didn't, so you reply NO... And they look at you in disbelief? As if you are lying because there's no way the technology failed? Just wondering if it's only me. Comment below and we'll add your comments to the show!

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