We had this conversation on the air with Stuttering John just yesterday. Who are the worst fans in the NFL? There are lots of teams that have awful fans. I'm a New England Patriots fan and I know just how obnoxious our fan base can be. You can throw the Cowboys fans on the list because it's always "our year." Pittsburgh Steelers fans are towards the top as well. But what team did Stuttering John mention yesterday?

The Philadelphia Eagles

Well, this story might prove it. Although, the Boo Birds have probably always been at the top of this list. I mean, come on. They pelted Santa with snow balls for crying out loud.

Well, here's another one for the ages. The Eagles beat the Falcons last weekend to advance to the Conference Championship, so you'd think they'd all be in a great mood. Well, not everyone.

Taylor Hendricks, an Eagles fan from Whitehall, PA, was ejected from the game because he was intoxicated and didn't have a ticket. Following the ejection, Hendricks went up to a police officer on horseback, and "began punching the horse in the face, neck and shoulder area."

Of course, I highly doubt Hendricks actually knocked out the horse.

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