With the release of 'World War Z" this weekend, here is the place you would want to hide out in case of the infamous zombie apocalypse.

According to the Huffington Post, there is a guy that has found the perfect place...Atchison, Kansas.

Atchison is located in northeast Kansas and has a bunch of limestone caves underneath it. The U.S. Army once used them as a storage facility but a man named Robert Vicino just purchased them for $400,000 to build his shelter.

The caves are about 100 to 150 feet below the surface, and the temperature stays in the low 70's.  The limestone is six times stronger than concrete, and Vicino is going to install blast doors that can withstand a nuclear blast.

He did not disclose what the cost would be to stay in the shelter, but he does have another shelter in Indiana where reservations cost $50,000 for adults and $35,000 for children.

Vicino plans to operate them as an RV park and resort until the apocalypse, and will also conduct survivalist classes.