So today I went and visited my boy Jesse who tattoos in the mall and we sat down and discussed my new tattoo, and what we came up with delivered what is an epic tattoo.

When it comes to the taboo of getting a person's name tattooed it raised question in many people. But in my opinion I think it's one of the greatest compliments you can give someone by tattooing them on your body.

So today when I went and visited Jesse, we came up with not only would be funny but something very serious as well. I love the cartoon Squidbillies and its star "Early Squid"
if you are familiar with the show then you know how funny it is and all of the trucker style hats that Early wears with all the different sayings on them.

One of my favorites hats he wears I had Jesse modify it just a tad with the sole purpose of expressing my love for Danielle, and you can see the result in my Instagram video below.

Tattoos should be enjoyed by the artist and the person getting the permanent ink, I can say it was a blast getting it and I know Jesse had a blast doing it.