Thermostats all over our building have been set at bone chilling cold all summer long.  This is good to keep us cool but when is keeping the staff cool come to the point of freezing you to death?  When you walk into a studio and your nipples are the first thing touching anything, this is when the temperature is too cold.  Looking on the thermostat its set at 69 degrees...this would typically be great outside with the sun shining.  But without sunshine it is just bone chilling cold.  Then the next thing is the thermostat is a programmable thermostat so that means that you have to know the square root of pi as well as the theory of relativity to program the thing.  I could tell you both things back when I was studying it in High School but not so much now.  Guess I will have a couple new things to hang a hat on till winter comes and the heat kicks on.