Here are the top ten results of a discussion on to come up with the best words that are totally clean but just sound filthy.

  1. Uvula.  That's the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat.
  2. Kumquat.  A fruit, kind of like a small orange.
  3. Dongle.  The plug-in devices for your computer.
  4. Rectory.  A priest's place of residency.
  5. Caulk.
  6. Throbbing.
  7. Coccyx.  Your tailbone.
  8. Spelunking.
  9. Flagellum.  The tail on microscopic cells.
  10. Angina.  A heart condition that causes chest pain.

If you have any others you can think of that are not mentioned above, comment below on your picks.