In this edition of Stupid Criminals we go to Albuquerque, New Mexico to find a teen that steals a motorized shopping cart from Walmart to meet his probation officer.

According to KOAT-TV, the 18-year-old, named Michael Johnson, had to get to a meeting with his probation officer on Monday.

So he went to a nearby Walmart and stole an electric shopping cart, one of those scooters with a basket on the front, to head out to his meeting.

Johnson did make it to his appointment on time, but his probation officer got suspicious when she saw him pull up on the scooter, and asked where he got it.

That's when he admitted that he stole it from a Walmart that happened to be five miles away from their meeting place.

Police say the scooter is worth about $1,800.

Johnson was arrested the next day for larceny and receiving stolen property, and by stealing the scooter, he also violated his probation.

Johnson was on probation for battery, so it's not clear if he will get more probation because of this, or if he will actually end up in jail.