In this edition of Stupid Criminals, we find a guy that decided he wanted to have a little roasted alligator at his Super Bowl party this past weekend.

According to The Smoking Gun, 30-year-old Richard Nixie of DeBary, Florida was prepping for his Super Bowl party on Sunday, and decided to serve the most Florida meal possible: fresh alligator.

So he headed out into the swamps, trapped and killed five small alligators, and took them home to cook up for the big game.

But someone must have spotted him with the alligators, because police showed up at his place a few hours later, and he admitted he had killed the gators for his Super Bowl dinner.

He was arrested for illegal possession and taking of alligators, and missed almost the entire Super Bowl in jail.

Guess he got out just in time to see someone do something even more stupid than him, calling a passing play on the one yard line.