In this edition of Stupid Criminals, we have a robber who likes to take selfies of himself before going out to rob places.

According to The Smoking Gun, 28-year-old Kevin Lawson of Gray, Kentucky broke into a store and stole rifles, handguns, knives, chewing tobacco, and food.

He wore a homemade mask made out of a white sheet and was so proud of it he took a selfie of himself in the mask.

The sheriff's department investigated and had Lawson as a potential suspect. When they brought him in for questioning, they asked to take a look at his cell phone, and he agreed.

When they went through it, they found the selfie he had taken of himself right before the robbery in the same white mask that had been worn by the perpetrator in the surveillance footage of the crime.

He was arrested for burglary and criminal mischief, not to mention being hailed as our Stupid Criminal of the week, so far.