This is what our world has come to that an innocent woman is killed by someone she didn't even know because of a rivalry in football.

This past weekend, in case you were hibernating, the University of Alabama had its perfect season come to an end at the hands of Auburn in a miracle finish.

According to ABC News, Later that night at a party in Birmingham, Alabama, 28-year-old Adrian Briskey was hanging out near 36-year-old Michelle Shepherd when she overheard her joking that the loss didn't hurt as badly as seeing the Miami Heat lose an NBA game.

That sent Briskey into a total rage and she started yelling at Shepherd that she was not a true Alabama fan.

Briskey then pulled out a gun, shot Shepherd, and killed her.

The sad thing is, the two women had never met before the party.

Shepherd leaves behind three children, and Briskey was charged with murder on Monday.