I don't know about you but I personally call BS on this one and so did police in Florida.  Even a Russian would die after drinking 5 gallons of vodka.

According to the Treasure Coast Palm, a 46-year-old named John Harper was stumbling around Stuart Beach, Florida drunk and harassing people back on December 22nd so police were called out to investigate..

The police report just came out and it states that when police arrived and asked him how much he drank, he told them he had consumed 5 gallons of vodka.

He then pulled down his pants and started peeing right in front of a bunch of kids.  An officer asked him to stop and he refused.

He was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication, and exposure of sexual organs.

Five gallons of vodka breaks down to about 427 shots, which clearly he hadn't had, but his blood alcohol level was at .379, right in the area that it gets deadly.