If you end up with a hangover this holiday season, which will be most of us, here are six ways to deal with it at work the next day:

  1. Strategize.  Make the decision on whether to deal with it, or call in sick.  If you are still drunk, you could jeopardize your reputation if you show up to work. But if you miss an important meeting, same thing.  Weigh the risks and plan accordingly.
  2. Exercise.  Working out may seem like the last thing you will be able to do.  But when you move, oxygen gets to your cells and increases the rate of detox.
  3. Eat Healthy.  Stay away form fats and heavy carbs.  Take it easy on your stomach with stuff like soup, toast, or vegetable juice.
  4. Lay Low.  This is not a day for big decisions. Do simple, routine tasks to prevent messing anything up, and avoid clients and co-workers.
  5. Don't Tell Anyone.  That is not very professional, and you don't want it getting back to your boss.
  6. Take Breaks.  If you are really suffering, take a few minutes alone in a break room or restroom. Slow, deep breaths are a big help.

For the complete list, go to the New York Post website.