Christmas is expensive enough without adding energy costs into the mix.  Here are ten good ways to save energy this holiday season.

This list is compiled by PR Newswire:

  1. Use LED lights on the tree and in decorations.
  2. Use timers to shut off your yard displays at night.
  3. Switch out your non-holiday lights for CFL bulbs in the guest rooms and common areas.
  4. Remind everyone to turn off ceiling fans and lights off when leaving a room.
  5. Use the interior light when you need to check on food, instead of opening the oven door.
  6. Use glass or ceramic pans for cooking food in the oven.
  7. Use small appliances to cook side dishes.
  8. Turn off your desktop computer and use your laptop or an iPad instead.
  9. Get Energy Star appliances.
  10. Use solar powered pathway lights.