A survey has concluded that people are less likely to complain about the weather in the summer time when the temperature is around 74 degrees.

Daily Mail conducted the survey and found there is a wide variety of opinion on the perfect temperature but found that its more accurate to say people complain least when its 74 degrees.

Once it gets to 83 degrees then the complaint is its too hot, but this is a British survey so people here in Texas or maybe in Arizona, Nevada, and Florida might beg to differ.

On the other side the survey concluded the complaint of it being too cool came at temperatures below 66 degrees in the summer.

The survey found men are more likely to enjoy warmer temperatures than women, apparently the men they surveyed were not men that were very hairy so take the survey for what its worth.

The summer temperature that made men happiest was 77 degrees, while women enjoyed it best at 73 degrees.