With the opening of San Francisco's new stadium in Santa Clara, California this upcoming season, it got me wondering which stadium was farthest from its host city's center of town.

It turns out that the 49ers new stadium is the farthest from the team's center of town it represents.  Santa Clara is 43 miles from the city center of San Francisco.  That is the farthest of any of the 32 teams in the NFL.

Other teams well outside their home cities are:

  • The Patriots, who play in Foxboro, Massachusetts, 28 miles outside Boston.
  • The Cowboys, who play in Arlington, 18 miles outside Dallas.
  • The Cardinals, who play in Glendale, Arizona, 17 miles outside Phoenix.

On the other side of that, the Saints are closest to the center of the city of New Orleans, they are only a half mile away. The Browns, Lions, and Panthers are also within a mile of the center of their cities.