Even people who are not "germ-o-phobes" still are not comfortable with touching anything in a public restroom, and lots of people go to great lengths to avoid touching a public toilet.

PR Newswire reports the results of a study of over a thousand adults in the U.S. and found that 64% of us use our foot to flush the toilet, 60% use a paper towel to touch the door handle, 37% use one to turn the faucet on and off, and 48% use our hip to open the door.

The study also looked at how often we wash our hands, a no surprise that women are better at washing their hands than men.  74% of women said the always wash up, compare to 60% of men.

38% of men said they see other guys in the bathroom leave without washing their hands as opposed to 25% of women seeing that in the ladies room.

Overall though the survey found that none of those surveyed were very good about it with 70% of the people admitting they sometimes just rinse their hands instead of using soap.