Here are your random facts for today.

  1. According to Sys-con, 98% of Americans eat eggs, but only 7% prefer them hard-boiled.
  2. According to Tipjar, the director of "The Truman Show," Peter Weir, wanted to have hidden cameras in all the theaters showing it so the movie could cut to the audience watching it.
  3. According to Wikipedia, a woman named Chamoy Thipyaso from Bankok, Thailand received the longest prison sentence in world history back in 1989.  She was sentenced to 141,078 years for running a $204 million pyramid scheme.
  4. According to Wikipedia, Robert Downey, Jr. broke Halle Berry's arm while filming "Gothika" in 2003.  He twisted her arm too hard in a scene, so filming was shut down for 8 months while she recovered.
  5. According to Buzzfeed, every date this week is a palindrome.  Example: today is 4/15/14, which in that form, reads the same forward and backward.